Playback Issues with Dynamic Markings

I am having issues with dynamics playback. During playback, it does not seem like Dorico always expresses the crescendo and decrescendo markings; sometimes you hear the contrast, sometimes you don’t.

I tried to change the notes’ velocities at a specific area in the score by clicking the “Play” tab and adjusting velocities in the piano roll. Unfortunately, there is literally no difference in sound.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you so much!
Composer citynoah

I think we’d need some example document here so we can have a look at what’s exactly going on.
Normally, Dorico plays back crescendi quite fine, I’d say…

It would also be helpful to know what playback template you are using, what version of Dorico you are using, and whether the problem occurs in all projects, or just one.

Here are some quick hints for how to give us enough information when you post about a problem so that we can help you most efficiently:

Hi Estigy,

Here is a Dorico file containing two different excerpts from my project. I am using the latest version of Dorico 4, and the playback template that I am using is the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template.

There is supposed to be a decrescendo a few measures after rehearsal mark A, but it does not seem to work. I even tried starting the excerpt with a forte marking with hopes of hearing a contrast.

After rehearsal mark B, there is another decrescendo that actually works.

Perhaps it is the plugin that I am using for the vocals? I am using Eric Whitacre’s vocal plugin.

Dwell Portions.dorico (3.3 MB)

Hi Daniel,

I appreciate your reply. I will be more specific in the future should I ever need the forum’s assistance again.

I am using the latest version of Dorico 4. The playback template that I am using is the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template. I know someone else who uses the latest Dorico 4 version, and they occasionally have this issue with dynamics playback, too.

I have replied to Estigy with more info — including a Dorico project — that I hope is helpful.

Thank you!

Hi @citynoah,
Which Eric Whitacre’s vocal plugin are you using? The one from Spitfire Audio?
Because Steinberg doesn’t own such product, nor even there is a version for Halion Sonic SE, or Halion.
The playback template you are using is dedicated to Halion Sonic SE + Halion Symphony Orchestra Pro, which means, most probably it doesn’t work properly with the Eric Whitacre’s plugin by Spitfire Audio. The HSSE+HSO (Pro) Playback Template works fine with Olympus Choir Elements and Micro. If you would like to use the one by Spitfire Audio, then you should create dedicated Expression Maps and Playback Template. :slight_smile:

Here you could see how you can do that:

Everything you need to create Expression Maps sets and Playback Templates for the virtual instruments you are using. :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful for you! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much for your reply!!! I will study everything that you sent me.


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Yes, as Thurisaz says, the key is that you need to drive the appropriate MIDI controllers in the Eric Whitacre Choir plug-in to produce dynamic changes. According to its manual, you can right-click the Volume and Dynamics sliders in the plug-in interface to choose which MIDI CC should be assigned to each. Once you know which MIDI CC should be used (typically it would be MIDI CC 1 and MIDI CC 11, but see what is set), you can create a simple expression map that specifies the appropriate MIDI CC value for dynamics. Once you’ve made your expression map, use the Endpoint Setup dialog to set that new expression map for each of the instances of the Eric Whitacre Choir plug-in that you’re using.

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There’s a playback template for the Eric Whitacre choir here: Playback Templates for Dorico – Dorico

Hi @citynoah,
No problem! :slight_smile:
It’s always good to learn how the Expression Maps and the Playback Template work.
No matter that @John_at_Steinberg, kindly, provided an already created Playback Template for the
Eric Whitacre Choir, at some point you may need to create on your own for libraries that still don’t have such, or to make changes in an existing one. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: