Playback jumps on D.S

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When Dorico reaches a “D.S. al Coda” and jumps back to the Segno, there is a significant jump in playback, where playback at the Segno starts a too early. I first encountered this using Note Performer, but switching to Halion did not change anything.

Here’s a (very) stripped-down version of my march that exposes the problem: Start playback at m18 (2 bars before the D.S. jump) and listen. The jump happens about 1/8th too early.

DS audio jump.dorico (919.7 KB)

Select the D.S. al Coda and press alt + right arrow once (assuming that your rhythmic grid is set to eighth note value).

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This is embarrassing :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Put just to add a small point:
When done right, Dorico draws a dotted line that shows where the “D.S.” is anchored - and this dotted line goes to the beginning of the next bar which is the Coda section. This is a bit confusing when you look at it. The D.S. jump will not happen at the beginning of the Coda section :wink:

When I opened your file and moved the D.S. al Coda one eighth note to the right, it looked like this:

in the Gesamtpartitur layout.

Well, I edited the original file, and after moving the D.S. one eighth note to the right I got this:


After some more investigation, it turns out that once the dotted anchor line for the D.S. al Coda has been moved to the correct position, it shows correctly in Galley view but incorrectly in Page view.
This is in the Full Score layout.

Yes I noticed this behavior earlier (for example):

It would be nice to have the D.S. attached to the barline in page view also.
I don’t know if it is designed like that or could be possibly be improved in future updates……?