Playback lag of 1,5 seconds CUBASE 8.5 SOLVED

I cannot get rid of this annoying playback lag of about 1,5 seconds i noticed since a few months.

Running CUBASE 8.5 on a fast x64 Win 7 PC, Cubase installed on an SSD, using Firewire & fireface UFX, all mesing with hub settings, power schemes, boost on off ASIO guard OFF or ON. Installed older RADEON drivers as i used before when these provblems weren’t there. IT ALL DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Still a lag of about 1.5 sec on play start.

WHAT’S UP STEINBERG ??? Can it be the latest eLicencer stuff ? I remember some years back seeing someone work with the 32 bit hacked Cubase 5. He had a properly bought license for Cubase 6 but preferred the speed and responsiveness of the cracked 5.11. version as he said caused by the dongle checks.

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Just some thoughts…

Could you have something set in the UFX like “Direct monitoring” or something else in the UFX control panel that needs attention?

Do you have the Cubase “Track Delay” function set to 1.500?

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Track Delay …, never heard of; where is this function ?? Not found in the manual BTW.
UFX: Other sequencers play back immediately … and recording only has a hardly noticeable latency.

The track delay function is in the inspector 1st (top) section. I believe looks like a clock with left/right arrows on each side of the clock. You can slide the slider or enter a value ÷/- 2.000 ms.

Is the transport start actually delayed. Is it on certain tracks only (midi, instrument, audio, all)?

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Nope, all set to zero (still). The whole songfile playback is delayed for about 1.5 sec when you press play … i read more complaints on the same subject, also with other Cubase (older) versions. Some remarks are that it’s x64 related, and less severe with 32bit Cubase versions. BTW i posted it also on the isues forum, they accepted it, no replies yet. regs, F

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What PlugIns are you using?

Well, mainly steinberg’s own, Halion 5 and Groove Agent 4, with EZ drummer 2, no difference. But i got curious, so i started an empty project. That was not lagging at all, so maybe you’re right; plugins could be causing this. Or the loaded audiofiles, which were about 10 mono and stereo. A Q: do you know of any adjustable buffering settings for plugins?F

most certainly

solely the audiofiles not

The Plugin delay of a plugin is fixed. For recording you can read up on "constrain delay compensation.

switched constrain delay compensation on, and steinberg power scheme: no difference BTW

Open plug in manager and sort plugins on active in project. See if any of the used plugs has a high latency.

don’t see anything on latency mentioned there …

Latency is shown in the info window underneath the list…you may need to toggle it from the plugin path settings window.

Something odd is going on…if the latency is caused by plugins then the constrain delay compensation should disable that plug and remove the latency…also no single plug I know of has 1.5 second latency!

Still plugins are still the most likely culprit…maybe one of yours is bit buggy or something. I would just disable stuff manually and see if you can get rid of the lag.
Make sure you disable the plugs not just bypass - Use alt click on the rack buttons

Got that rolling, now some are really showing large numbers … disabled a lot plugs with latency above 500 Nothing improved, then i removed some VST instruments … and behold, Vocaloid for cubase was the culprit; SHAME on Yamaha that owns Steinberg these days. I’ve sent Yamaha a mail about this … thnx F

I went to PlugIn manager and turned offf ASIO for Groove and it was bang on time.

The lag is there even on a new install and never scanned any plug in yet. Please help

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this happens even in cubase 12. seems other DAWS are better in this function. Reason, ableton, flstudio, studio one, logic, pro tools, reaper, sonar,DP don’t have this issue