Playback midi file in stand-alone Hanion Sonic SE

I have loaded a midi file into stand-alone Halion Sonic SE. Can I make it load and playback GM sounds automatically that I can then edit. Otherwise I am loading sounds into slots one by one trying to guess and remember which sounds are on which channel - and if it is a file I don’t know I couldn’t even do that.
And having edited a file in stand-alone Halion Sonic SE is is possible to export an audio file from it, or has it got to be plugged into Dorico or Cubase to do that?

Enable GM Mode in the options:

Many thanks Romantique_Tp that worked.
Is it possible to export an audio mix from stand-alone Halion Sonic SE?

Sorry, but only MIDI input recording is available in the standalone version. It’s intended to be used as a scratchpad or MIDI file player.

There’s probably a way to record the audio output by using virtual audio cables, but I would recommend to just use a DAW with VST 3 support such as Cubase Elements, which would allow you to both play and edit the file. You would also be able to render the MIDI to an audio file in seconds by exporting an audio mixdown.

Thanks again - I am quite new to DAWs and VSTs so just getting to know their capabilities. I will be using it in Dorico; thanks for clarifying.