Playback not simultaneous

Dear all,

I have a passage where the leaders of the violin 1, violin 2 and viola sections play four bars of continuous 16th lines/arpeggios (88bpm). Somehow it seems that most of the time when I playback they are not together… I tried to undo any “humanizing” playback options but they still won’t listen to each other… :slight_smile:

What sound files are you using?
Are some players assigned sounds with a different length of attack that others?
(Some sounds, especially strings, have a faster attach than others, designed for a more subtle entry.)

I don’t know what “sound files” are but I use the latest version of NotePerformer and the latest version of Dorico.

Then you are using NP sound files.

If you played the music in using your MIDI keyboard in real-time, or if you imported the music as a MIDI file, then the original timing nuances of the performance will be preserved, and that might cause the instruments not to sound together. You can remove these overrides.

Thank you. I don’t use a MIDI keyboard and I haven’t imported the music as a MIDI file but I did remove the overrides for that passage and I still have the same problem. I also tried copy pasting the passage into other instruments and it’s the same problem.

I just tried to attach a file that I created where you could see only the concerned passage but it tells me that the extension is not valid? It’s a dorico file. Anaways, here is the file if it’s of any use…

I tried out your score including slowing it right down to less than 20% of the original tempo. Everything looks (in PLAY mode) and sounds perfectly synchronised using NotePerformer. So the problem must lie elsewhere. I assume that you don’t commonly have issue like this which could point to latency issues — it’s just in this particular passage?

I think this must come down to a psychoacoustic effect of NotePerformer’s interpretation of this passage, since all of the notes appear synchronised to me. I switched your project to play back via HALion Sonic SE and the default playback template, and it sounds very different, but certainly together.

Thank you for your effort! Here is how it sounds when I export that passage:

Does it sound the same on your computers?

Yes, it’s just in this passage.