playback nuendo's video stream ? (not webcam)


i want to record a voiceover for a movie. i want to send the MIX, record the voice, send playback to actor and director (all in different locations)
AND of course i want to send the movie that the voice has to be synced to.
can VST connect send the VIDEO track ? doesn’t look like in the settings i see.

(also… i don’t understand the video function in vst connect if not designed for video stream. if you want webacam really meet, zoom, whatsapp skype has everything and can work along with nuendo. But not the video player)

no VST connect can only send webcam video…at this this stage :slight_smile:

if you don’t understand the video function then can I suggest you actually try it ? zoom/facetime etc are NOT the same.

dam… to bad because really then i don’t get it and i wasted money.
nuendo is said to be for post production and not beeing able to stream video content is absurd.
because this is a technical needif you want to record a comedian. if he does not see the video in sync it’s not possible.
but also talking with a director without the film makes vst connect useless.
where recording musicians is nice to see the guy but really seeing his face is not mendatory.

so yeah wow ok then how is that different ? i’d be happy you explain because so far i just see my face and my friend face… like skype.

but else i’ll have to head to more serious third party products i guess.

a) you can’t compare VST Connect to Skype etc because of audio quality and most of all it allows to record the Performer synchronously and with multitrack capablitiy (PRO version only).
b) we are working on streaming Cubase/Nuendo video and synchronous video file playback on the Performer side, but this has never been advertised. Anyway, coming soon.

sorry i didn’t made myself clear.
Obviously i’m not comparing vstconnect to skype in term of audio quality ! and functions i understand that it adds numerous functions to already routing solutions in nuendo. i’m just talking about the video here. if there’s one priority for having any sort of video transmission with vstconnect i don’t get why webcam came as the first thing sorted! if you want to “see” what your musician is doing you could have a “blind” vst connect and use skype or zoom on mute if really seeing the guy playing the guitar you record is more friendly.
Now if you have video in vstconnect make it video track beeing streamed first sounds way more critical to my point of view as i can’t find any alternative to make that work for the moment.

“Anyway, coming soon.”

wonderful ! (my session is on 4th june :smiley: )

It‘s just not that simple.

i’m sure.
do your best.
i’m sure recording studio with musician works fine with vstconnect
i would love development now to keep in mind a remote sessions with comedian for voiceover, overdub but also sound edit, mix with director producer in different locations.