Playback of 11 and 13 chords

Dorico plays back the chord C11 with these notes: C-E-G-Bb-G-F. But in 11 and 13 chords it is common to omit the third (in this case the E). Is it possible to omit the third in the playback?

C11 often has a D as well.

Sorry. Corrected now.

Generally one would use C11 instead of C7sus or C7sus4 to state that there is an 11th (F) above the 3rd (E), and both notes are to be included. If you don’t want the 3rd at all, just use C7sus or C7sus4. In a C13 chord it is always assumed that there is an E. If you don’t want a 3rd in a 13th chord use C13sus or C13sus4.

(… and yes, you can sometimes still have an E in a C7sus4 chord too, but it would typically be voiced above the F, whereas the E would usually be a minor 9th, with possible additional octave displacements, below the F in a C11 chord.)

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Well, in a C7sus4 there is no D, like there is in a C11.

Then write C9sus4.