Playback of accel. or rit. of only specific notes (fanned/feathered beams) + rubato?

Is there any way in Dorico to have only a specific player/staff go off-tempo for a selection of notes?

I recently learned how to turn a selection of notes into a fanned beam for an acc/rit, like this:

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2.40.54 PM

But this still plays back at a normal even tempo. Is there any way to have it play correctly?

Also one thing I would like to explore in my writing would be a solo player going off-tempo a bit. Is there a way to create a tempo rubato passage but only for that soloist, and not the entire orchestra? (I am aware you can automate the tempo track but that will affect everyone equally together).

Thank you!

Most of the time I see this discussed, one uses hidden tuplets to solve the problem.

Indeed, Dorico doesn’t play these kinds of figures automatically, so using hidden tuplets is a good way to handle it for now (and has the advantage of allowing you to achieve exactly the playback you want).

Ah ok, that’s interesting. I had to search around but I figured it out and that works for now. Thanks!

About my tempo rubato question for a soloist, to me that would be more like an isolated tempo automation than hidden tuplets -but doesn’t seem like that is possible (I understand having various tempi running at the same time is probably a big task). Maybe for that I am thinking the current solution might be to manuallly slip and slide notes about in the key editor under ‘played durations’?

Yes, you could definitely do that.

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