Playback of all sampled trills

Today several sample libraries has sampled trills for larger intervals than just half and whole tone. Dorico already have the functionality to playback sampled half/whole tone trills so it should be quite easy to extend this functionality to larger intervals too. And it would be wonderful to include trills noted as dual note tremolos.

I’m not quite with you here – the situation if anything seems to me to be the other way round. Dorico can create artificial trills with just about any interval you want through the Properties but the overwhelming majority of libraries only sample half and whole note trills – at any rate the ones I use so I’m interested who samples more than that.

Dual note tremolos are not ideal in playback at present and of course are seldom sampled because there would just be too many permutations. I’d certainly welcome any improvements in intelligent playback of these. Currently it’s normally just best to write out in full on a hidden staff, choosing the most appropriate articulation to get half reasonable results.

I can’t recall which library or libraries, but I think there some VSL instruments that include more trills than just half and whole tone…

Of course Dorico is able to fake artificial trills, but compared to the sampled ones they sounds exactly that – artificial. So if the sample libraries I use actually has those samples I of course want to be able to use them.

Yes most sample libraries just have the half tone and whole tone trills, but why limit Dorico to this when some of the best and most popular sample libraries in the world have up to a major 3rd or even a perfekt 4th?

Woodwinds for example. Of the three top notch woodwind libraries I use, two of them has trills up to a major 3rd or perfect 4th. VSL Synchron Woodwinds, that I use most, has not. So I tend to use VSL Synchronized Woodwinds (with MIR Pro 3D) or Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds for missing articulations, as for example large interval trills and performed octave runs.

Regarding tremolos, those between two different notes actually are the same thing as the trills between the same notes. So what I requested was to be able to use two-note-tremolos as an alternative way to notate trills, especially those equal or larger than a minor 3rd, and be able to get them played back with the trill samples.

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ok, I think I misunderstood a bit what you were saying initially. But surely all you have to do is to create new Expression Map entries for the sampled expanded interval trills? As you want to use the tremolo articulation to notate them, it’s irrelevant what you call the new playing techniques – just create new playing and playback techniques for them and use them in your map. Create a hidden staff for playback (right click context menu, staff → “add staff below” or “change divisi” depending on whether it’s solo or section instruments – check the manual if unfamiliar with this procedure) and on the visible staff notate the tremolo but disable playback. This way, you can use your articulations but the actual notation looks like a tremolo.

I use this sort of technique not only for tremolos but also for trills with the Cinematic Studio libraries which annoyingly require playing and thus in Dorico notating a two note chord so obviously what you notate and playback must be different in this case.