Playback of Articulations and Tremolos

Hi, I know that this is a very complicated subject but I have one question:
Articulations like tremolo can be played back by means of a repeat function triggering the same midi note. There are also libraries with recorded tremolo samples but Dorico playes back tremolos with this repeat function by default. In the new “'Edit Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques” you can choose the playing techniques for Articulations and Tremolos. So far so good. But what happens is that the choosen playing technique (via the Percussion map) is mixed with the repeat function. So the tremolo samples are tremoloed. The Replace/Add choice for Playing techniques (in “Edit Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques”) makes no difference. Should it?

The Percussion Instrument playing techniques dialog currently doesn’t affect playback, though it will do in the future. The intention is that if you have a tremolo sample in the percussion map then this will prevent the automatic repetition logic, as it does for pitched instruments, however that isn’t implemented in the current version. The hope is that you’ll also be able to map to many other techniques such as buzz rolls, snares off, etc

Lol, that explains my several hours of struggle. Will read the version history document more carefully next time :laughing:

Paul, I don’t understand what your saying. The Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques do affect playback all right. Together with different noteheads and/or staff positions they work wonderfull. The playback of articulations and tremolos do affect playback also, but the replace botton does’nt.
There is a problem with the untuned percussion playing techniques in write mode too, the tooltips name the playing techniques but they don’t affect playback. What are they doing then, or is it just not yet implemented?

The overrides for modifying the behaviour of articulations (eg z-stem = buzz roll) isn’t yet implemented. Also tremolos on percussion won’t work as expected if you have a tremolo in the percussion map.

I guess it’s all about playing techniques, articulations, tremolos, etc. and the right midi notes, names, instrument entity names, key switches in order to have a smooth playback of the score. I think it’s very extensive but if you work with large libraries like VSL, a Dorico user has to understand how things work and what does’nt.
It’s getting late…

It’s hard really to summarise the exact status beyond saying that the whole system is (necessarily) complex, and it’s a long road to get us where we want to be in the long term, which is great out-of-the-box support for the larger libraries like VSL and Spitfire. Some parts of that work today, some don’t, but we hope that every update takes us a further step along the road.

Thanks, Paul, I understand.
The thing is that starting to work with VSL within Dorico is very tempting, so to say. But despite your considerable progress gradually there are still too many troubles so far, I get stuck too often.
This means that unfortunately I have to stop trying for now.

I think it’s especially important for users to be able to edit the Midi Note Numbers that are triggered by playing techniques, articulations, tremolos, etc.
You should expect this to be done in expression maps and percussion maps, but obviously it’s more complicated and under the hood.

Keep up the good work!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. You can edit the MIDI notes in expression maps and percussion maps.

Yes, but there is to much confusion, see: