Playback of artificial harmonics

If I have the following:

Dorico plays the bottom solid note as well as the harmonic. I am sure that is not right. You would not hear the bottom stopped note on a violin etc. This happens with Note Performer and Halion SE violin.

What am I missing?

This works fine for me in both Note Performer and Halion. Did you input these notes, semantically, as harmonics?

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@pianoleo thank you! Bumbling fool that I am, I have been copying the notation from the MS I am working from, so I enter the base note and the harmonic a fourth or fifth or whatever above, then use the properties panel to make the top note an artificial harmonic, set style to ‘single notehead sounding’ and leave the partial unset. Looks exactly as the composer has notated. Now that I see what to do correctly, it’s obvious that the base note will play as well as the ‘harmonic’ I thought I was creating. So now, I just enter the C and set the type to be artificial, specify the harmonic, and Dorico draws it for me. My dim imagination never considered this!

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