Playback of dynamics and articulations

I didn’t want to hijack this other thread: but basically I’ve been using certain ‘hacks’ for Dorico to play back the correct keyswitches because I realise I don’t really know the answer to this question.

I’m Dorico we have three ways of calling and dealing with performance expressions. One is dynamics (which include sfz, fp, etc.), articulations (accents, staccato) and playing techniques (mutes, flutter). Up until now I’ve always used just playing techniques to instruct Dorico what keyswitch to play, so for example a fp will use the dynamic fp, but then an invisible FP playing technique that I’ve created to trigger the change.

My question is, am I doing this correctly and/or is there another way of telling Dorico how to perform a certain marking e.g. fp?

Thank you!

For now you’re doing it corrrectly, since (a) Dorico doesn’t play those kinds of combined/envelope-based dynamics at all (yet) anyway; and (b) there’s no way of mapping dynamics in expression maps beyond defining the overall dynamic controller to be used.

OK thank you, I’d thought as much…