Playback of imported midi tracks

I pretty new to Cubase LE4, which came with my Digitech RP255 guitar pedal. I have been able to record guitar audio tracks through the pedal, and play them back. But I’m having trouble getting it to playback midi tracks that I’ve imported.

I have created some drum and bass tracks in other software (Guitar Pro 6), and exported them to midi format. Then I imported the midi tracks into Cubase LE 4. I can see the tracks I imported, but when I try to play them back, I hear nothing. I’ve tried changing the VST connections to either the computer Speakers/Headphones or the RP255 interface, but I don’t get any sound either way.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?

Import to Instrument Track and assign a drum/bass VSTi.

I found the problem. I didn’t have any VST instruments. I figured out that the ‘typical’ install did not install the HALionOne plugin. I went through the install again, and specifically selected the HALionOne instruments, and now I can get MIDI tracks to play back.