Playback of one piano staff only

When using a score with a piano grand staff, is there anyway to play back just the left or right hand staff? And when exporting the file to midi, to be able to assign each staff to a separate channel?

Thanks for any help!

Playing only one staff of the piano is not possible at the moment, Miles. Even the mute/solo buttons in the Mixer won’t help as normally the piano is played by a single endpoint or channel. I believe, however, that each voice might be exported to its own MIDI channel when exporting MIDI, though I confess I have not tried this directly myself this evening to check.

Are we eventually going to get two channels for piano with option to tie them together or not as in Sibelius?
I’d also love to have voices respond to p, f etc. Lots of piano music could use that feature.

Certainly you will be able to specify dynamics that apply only to a single voice in due course, yes. The program can handle these already, except there’s no UI to enable it just yet.

Has any thought been given to allowing blank staves that can be used to construct a grand staff or other multi-stave “instruments” (with bar and brace options)? sounds could then be assigned in the HALion player or the like.

No, that would be a backwards way of doing it, to Dorico’s (and my) way of thinking.

It’s 2021 - Any new word on muting/playing one piano staff at a time?

Since the two staves use different Voices (show voice colors to see), you should be able to mute a staff by assigning the lower-staff voice(s) to a different (instance of) the voice in Play Mode (or an empty voice slot) and then muting that voice in your VST.

This should work as long as you do not depend on voices crossing staves.

I believe that my colleague Paul has made some changes in this area in our current development builds, so unless I am misremembering (which is possible, because we have done a great many things since the last major version was released) this should be supported in the next major version, when it eventually comes (not soon, I’m afraid).