Playback of Ritardando in repeats

I want playback of a ritardando only in the Da Capo part of the score. Is this possible?

Different playback (such as instruments sounding or not) is not yet possible in repeats.
The missing element is the ability to assign a command solely to one (or more) instances of the repeated section(s).
In many cases (such as turning instruments on or off) the other options necessary to do this are in place, although I’m not sure this is the case for tempo changes.

Hello Lupus2,
You may consider using the following workaround.

Suppose your original score is as follows:

  1. Introduction, bars 1-16
  2. Theme with da capo, bars 17-32
  3. Finale, bar 33-40
    Suppose you want a ritardando only at the second play time, in bars 31 and 32.

Then you can do the following:

  • put a mark at the end of bar 30
  • both the first and second time, bars 17-30 are played.
  • The first time, bars 31-32 are played.
  • The second time, you skip bars 31-32, and you play new bars 33-34, which have the same notes as 31-32, but have the ritardando you want.
  • Then you play bars 35-42, which contain the same notes as the old bars 33-40.

I hope this may help you.

Thank you for your workaround, Robert! I have used a similar procedure for a classical Da-Capo-struchture.