Playback of single notes on input / on click should be independent from mute

when transcribing from a video it is necessary to sometimes mute Dorico’s instruments for playback (mute/pull down instruments in mixer or set video on solo). Then I can

  • listen to the original,

  • go back and

  • input

But if I want to listen to what I am actually doing on input, I have to unmute the instrument(s) before. That makes it

  • listen to the original,

  • unmute,

  • go back,

  • input and

  • mute,

which is a bit tedious.

I’d happily use a 3rd party tool for playback between inputs, but I can’t use my soundcard with other software while using Dorico. I know the setting for allowing that, but it apparently doesn’t work with my soundcard.

I propose to always obey to the volume set my the mixer (just not to have your ears being killed by some max volume sound), but to ignore muted or “soloed” channels when user inputs notes or clicks on them (at least in write mode).
I can’t actually see any usecase where this would NOT be helpful. What do you think? Or does anyone have an idea for a better workflow in the first place?


Does the function that allows you to play back only those instruments that are selected help? Select a note or rest in a bunch of staves, and then hit P, rather than Space. That way you don’t have to mute anything in the Mixer, or at least you can use the shortcut to set which outputs are muted or soloed in the Mixer based on the selection, and also use the shortcuts to clear the mute/solo state as well.