Playback On Cubase 11 Not Working Properly

All of my projects are affected by this, to my knowledge all the routing is correct but the playback is just messed up, grooveagent seems to be playing at a completely wrong tempo, serum has sound when working with the inbuilt piano roll but when pressing play the midi is not being played at all, no sound whatsoever.
Metronome also just isn’t working at all, anything that isn’t Halion Sonic or Groove Agent is making no sound whatsoever in stereo out, even then they’re playing back incorrectly.
When attempting to record voice a pop up saying too many recordings shows up, yet only one file is being recorded, also monitoring works perfectly fine and the effects plugins don’t seem to be affected at all, just VST plugins during playback.
When exporting the track it works and sounds as it should, I’ve tried reinstalling the program which has done nothing.
Tried searching for this specific problem but it seems out of the ordinary, any help would be very much appreciated, cannot work on anything right now due to this.

If possible I can upload a screen recording of the project then mixdown to show what I mean more clearly.