Playback Only Coming From One Speaker

Hi guys,

First of all, I apologize as I know this seems to be a common ‘issue’ for beginners with Cubase but I’ve searched a lot of forum threads with no clear answers to what I know will be a basic problems.

My setup is as follows:

ESP Eclipse > EvH5150iii 50w > TwoNotes Torpedo Live > Focusrite 6i6 > Cubase Elements

When I create a blank Project, I select to add a new Audio Track (Stereo) then Arm the track and press the Monitor icon. I can play my guitar and hear stuff coming through Cubase as intended (through both left and right speakers in my headphones). However if I record something then play it back, it only plays out of my right speaker in my headphones (Shure SRH840).

I’ve read a lot of similar posts but the responses seem to be just ‘check your VST connections’ which I have but it appears to be setup ok. Having said that, I’m as new to this stuff as you can be so in all honesty I’m not 100% sure I am seeing is correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m actually a bit surprised that you are hearing out of both speakers when you simply arm the track (and press Monitor)… the recorded audio looks like audio is only coming in from one side anyways (the audio track is indeed stereo there, and its output seems panned appropriately :wink: )… Are you certain that you are always listening to the audio coming through Cubase, and not the direct audio from the Focusrite?
Is Cubase receiving a mono or stereo input from the Focusrite?
Can you do another screenshot, please, this one showing VST Connections - Inputs?..
If the input is mono, make sure you create also a mono input in VST Connections (or,if using the stereo inputs, look at Cubase’s audio Inputs (in the Cubase Mixer), and make sure the audio is indeed coming in on both inputs).

When recording a mono signal, record it onto a mono track. Or if for whatever reason you want to record to a stereo track, record from a mono input bus.

I think you’re right, it might appear to me that its coming from both speakers but thats just the TwoNotes software thats running in the background thats doing that, not Cubase.

I’ll check later tonight after work/tomorrow and post the screenshot as requested.