Playback Options... -> Beat stress

I really like the new Playback Options for humanization and refining metric accents!

I have one Problem with adjusting Note Dynamics -> Beat stress:

Changes in the field “Increase written dynamic of first beat in the bar” also affect “Increase written dynamic of other beats in the bar” The two values are actually always the same.

Same on MacBookPro and iMac with macOS 10.12.2

Yes, sorry, this is my fault: Paul didn’t get a chance to wire up both options before 1.0.20 shipped, so in fact the beat stress option that is present in the program at the moment affects every beat, rather than differentiating between stronger and weaker beats as the user interface implies. I was supposed to update the UI but didn’t manage to get around to it.

There is still the same behavior with the settings for Beat Stress in Dorico 1.0.30 (on macOS 10.12.3).

That item is still (one of very many) on my list.

I still have this problem with beat stress in ver.
Can you confirm is still to be fixed?
Thank you,

It is indeed still to be fixed, I’m afraid.

I also subscribe to the issue. Without the implementation of this functionality it is impossible to get the breath of music when playing. The best thing would be to make the first beat, stressed beat, unstressed beat.
Almost 2.5 years have passed since the question arose.
Dear developers, please try to fix this trouble.
Thanks for understanding.

Dear aveter,

Soooooo many things have been implemented in 2.5 years, in Dorico… When I read you, I thought “OMG, is this guy serious???” and many other things I won’t write here :wink:
Seriously, don’t forget that there are real humans (and very valuable ones) behind all this before you write such a statement. This forum is about getting people to use the software better, and provide good feedback to the devs. No trolling nor toxic BS. Just sayin’…

Dear MarcLarcher!
Please show me where I wrote that nothing has been done in 2.5 years. But the fact that the issue on the topic has not been resolved in 2.5 years is a fact that neither you nor anyone else can deny. What right do you have to insult me? This forum is the only way for me to communicate with developers. I honestly bought Dorico and invest in updates, like all respectable users. Developers are commercial partners for me, as well as for all users. Dear MarcLarcher, show me where it says that it is forbidden to ask the buyer from the seller-manufacturer about the purchased software product? I have every right, like all users, to tell the developer about errors and shortcomings. Or should I say only praise? Then it will be flattery. Did I say anything against the development of the program, against comfortable work with Dorico? Let it be known that on the local forum I have to publish translations of the manual Dorico, because the developers stopped supporting Russian language. And I do it for free, just to attract more users, and it was easier for beginners to learn Dorico.
Why do you give your opinion as mine? It is a great request not to address me “…guy…” - that’s rude of you.
Sincerely, Alexander.
Best regards!

Just a side note to remind everyone that misunderstandings due to different languages can sometimes cause unintended offense. I think that’s partly the case here, both in tone and in a few specific word choices.

Alexander, “guy” was not at all offensive in the way Marc used it. It’s a generic term in English parlance, not an insulting one.

I’m glad to hear of your advocacy for Dorico in Russian. It appears we’re all on the same team. :wink:

Yes, the language barrier and different mentality is a problem that can be solved only together and very carefully. This is very important because this barrier is a very fine line. Here you can easily hurt the feelings and dignity of the opponent.
I respect the developers, because in the past he is a certified database developer with years of experience. He was the owner of a software company, but now he has sent his business to Music Production. I sold the business and built my own recording Studio. All this I say for the fact that I 100% understand the developers of Dorico, and do business with all seriousness, rigor and responsibility.

Dear Alexander,
I’m glad to know that we’re on the same path, and Dan is right in stating how delicate it is to write in a foreign language… “Guy” was not an insult at all. But I’m glad to know that you’re Alexander :slight_smile:
Anyway, I admitted on the other thread yesterday that my tone was probably a little rough with you on this thread, because of a probable misunderstanding. As you can read in my signature, I’m French, and English is not my mother tongue. And, as you do, I’m translating things for my fellow French Doricians as well as you do. Your point about beat stress is of course valid.

Good, Marc! (I hope I got your name right :slight_smile: )
Yes, we are all in one team, and I am very glad! You translate the manual - it’s great! I know that this is a great and very responsible work. I’m sure that between us no barrier, nor the language nor the mentality. :slight_smile:

Maybe we all just got too much beat stress :slight_smile: