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I was using playback to listen to my project. The playback was working fine for the first few bars, but a few seconds later as the music kept going, bar 1 of the music started to play simultaneously, causing an overlap of sound. Where should I send my project and what additional files should I include?

If you’re comfortable to attach your project here, please upload it to a reply in this thread together with details of how to reproduce the problem. If you’re not comfortable sharing it here, you can send it to me via email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Be sure to include a link to this thread in your email so I know what it’s in relation to (I get a lot of email).

VTD_2022-11-29.dorico (1.6 MB)

Dear Daniel, thank you for your message. To reproduce the problem, simply select an empty rest (or note) at the first bar of the piece (or anywhere for that matter) and press “P” for Play. I was using NotePerformer originally (which was working really well) and also recently downloaded Komplete Start from Native Instruments (Kontakt Player 6/7, samples, etc.) to test out (don’t know if this is relevant).

What a smashing piece! I’m afraid it plays back absolutely fine here with NotePerformer (and a very enjoyable listen it was too).

If you start a new project and add a few notes over a few bars and play it back, does that exhibit the same problem? What if you re-apply the NotePerformer playback template to this project?

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Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! Coming from you, that means a lot!

I opened up a few other past projects and did not hear any issues with the playback. When I created a new solo piano project, typed a few notes and listened to the playback, there were also no issues.

I also tried downloading the file I posted here on the forum. After I renamed it and opened it up, the issue came back. When I pick a spot in the middle of the piece (i.e. bar 50), the music for bars 50 & 46 (just a ballpark figure) play simultaneously.

Just to check, I switched the playback template to HALion and the same issue appeared. Also, when I select a group of notes from a single instrument, I would usually hear just that instrument, but I’m also hearing all the other instruments playing a few bars earlier.

I made a screen recording which shows what’s happening to the audio (check the video below). I’ll keep troubleshooting. Should I create and send a diagnostics report?

I was able to figure out what the problem was! In the mixer window, the audio for the video playback was not muted, hence the overlap in sound. Reminder for self: always double check to see if there’s audio in the video. facepalm

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Ah, I’m really pleased to hear you were able to figure this out, Paul!

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