Playback problem with initially tacit instrument


A lengthy search in the forum topics concerning “tacet” didn’t yield any topics that seemed to cover my particular issue.

I have a problem with an accoustic bass that is initially tacit in a flow.
However, when playing back from the start of the flow, it will immediately start playing a long note.
The re-play caret seems to jump to some random place in the flow.
Only from the time when the instrument actually has notes in the flow, it will also play back correctly.
Closing and re-starting Dorico didn’t help.

For info: After trying several instruments for play-back I ended up configuring an electric instead of an acoustic bass in Halion.
I hope this isn’t the culprit for this strange behavior.

Thanks for any hints on what I did wrong here.

lpoeffel, it sounds like that playback culprit might be a keyswitch. Have you checked those?

Yes, I think Dan is right. Go to the Endpoint Setup dialog and make sure that an appropriate expression map is chosen for the channel your bass instrument is found on.


sorry for replying late. I was recently buried in other things.
Unfortunately switching to another expression map led to even more catastrophic results where the initial deep sound vanished with some of the available expression map settings, but the instrument did not sound like a bass guitar at all anymore.

To be honest there also isn’t any expression map for an electric bass available. Do you have any idea where I could obtain one?

Thanks in advance for any info.

You probably don’t need an expression map for an electric bass specifically. You just need to make sure that the expression map you’ve chosen is suitable for the patch you’ve chosen. What patch have you chosen in HSSE, and what expression map do you have chosen in Endpoint Setup?

My chosen expression map is HSSE Acoustic Bass VX
I’m not sure if “patch” means loaded program, but the chosen program is “[GM 043] Electric Bass (Finger)”.

The GM patches don’t have any keyswitches and so you should just use the default expression map for them. There are a number of non-GM bass patches (‘patches’ and ‘programs’ mean the same thing here) and a few of them have some keyswitches (typically for a couple of techniques such as mute and harmonics). You need to use a matching expression map otherwise you’ll get that very low sound, which is the keyswitch.