Playback problem

Hi everybody,

I’ve just installed a mini-keyboard studio using a Lenovo notebook (WIN 10), a Yamaha MG 10 XU Mixer and M-Audio Keystation 61 (MIDI via USB) and 3 more keyboards.
All apps and keyboards on that configuration are routed correctly to the mixer - except DORICO!
Just DORICO routes the playback (output) signal to the notebook speakers - and from now on there is no doubt that the word “sound” has nothing in common with the results other users posted.

What is wrong?
Yours Peter

If you go to Edit > Device Setup, what ASIO driver is chosen?
If you have only the choice of the Generic Low Latency Driver, then open the driver’s Control Panel. In there you might be able to choose the MG 10 as output port.
In case of doubt, please post screenshots.

Hallo Ulf,

danke für den ASIO-Tip(!)

Ich habe einfach den YAMAHA STEINBERG USB DRIVER installiert - das war’s… :laughing:

Viele liebe Grüße

Dein Peter