Playback problems with Pianoteq

I have made a file with sounds from Noteperformer, VSL and Pianoteq. The latter uses a Harpsichord instrument. When I save the project and reopen it Pianoteq loads the correct sound but it plays a piano sound. Changing sounds inside Pianoteq has no audible effects: One hears always a piano sound. The other VST’s function correctly.
Händel - Neun deutsche Arien.dorico (2.9 MB)
When I try to delete the Pianoteq VST in playback-mode Dorico crashes. The same happens when I try to apply the playback-template “Silence”. I enclose this project here.

Hi @lupus2 , I’m currently on a machine where I cannot launch Dorico, therefore I cannot try it out.
But could you please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? We’d like to see and analyze the contained crash files. Thanks

pretty strange. I’ve used Pianoteq 6 without issues for years and checking with the trial of 7 (I may upgrade though it’s not my first choice piano any more), I can change to any of the instruments I like and Dorico saves the configuration correctly as I’d expect.

I can also delete a Pianoteq instance without a crash. Perhaps the crash dump can give Ulf some clue but your project is fine here. Do you get the same with other Pianoteq projects?

@lupus2, could you also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply here so we can take a look at the crash logs?

@lupus, I’ve loaded your project but I don’t have VSL and only the Pianoteq 7 trial, and it looks good so far. I can also change to Silence or HALion template without crashing. So we definitely need your diagnostics report and see the contained crash files.

Thank you for your answers so far. I cannot send an diagnostic report because it has 6250 KB, the maximum for this forum being 4 MB. What can I do ?

you’ll need to put it on a file sharing site. Ulf will usually offer you a location if you don’t have one you regularly use yourself.

Thank you, dko22! This is the link to the diagnostic file: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thank you for the data. Contained is only one crash dump and that is from the audio engine. When I analyse the dump, it clearly shows NotePerformer as the culprit, so NotePerformer is bringing down the audio engine.
But the crash is also not directly in NotePerformer but in an OpenGL library which in turn gets loaded from NotePerformer. So you could try to install some newer OpenGL library and see if the problem goes away or ask Walander Instruments for assistance.
Here is a link which I googled for updating OpenGL; you might find that useful.

@Ulf, I have updates OpenGL, but this did not solve the problem. I updated Pianoteq to V. 7.5.4, the latest version, and now everything is OK again. Thank you for your help!

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I have myself now upgraded Pianoteq to the latest version (a surprisingly big improvement over v6) and it’s working fine here.