playback problems...

It seems that no matter what you change in the mixer, solo or mute, all the instruments keep on playing. When it seems to be working, for example, while soloing the first instrument, the other instruments are still playing softly in the back ground even while they all are set to mute and the volume slider is totally down.

Using the Play engine, I created a good working expression map for EWQLSO solo strings. Everything worked great and the correct articulations were played until suddenly… it didn’t any longer. During writing music in the score, the wrong sampled got triggered, trills instead of the normal legato. I checked the Expression map which is still OK, so it should work… I was able to fix this by going into Play and clicking the first key switch on the keyboard.

Mute and solo should certainly work, provided you are using the multi-output version of Play. If you’re using only the stereo output version, then the mute/solo buttons for any fader after the first one or two in Dorico’s Mixer will be ineffectual: all of the sounds will be coming through the first stereo pair of outputs.

When using expression maps, you may well find that you have to use the “nat.” playing technique rather than the one you would expect to reset the sound back to the default one for each instrument: until we have proper support for groups of playing techniques and which ones cancel which other ones out, this is how things will be.

Thanks, Daniel, good to know. So I have to write this in the score as technique text, right?

I think this is what you meant, but to be sure: you should type Shift+P for the playing technique popover and type “nat”. (Adding it as Shift+X text won’t work.)

Yes, that was what I meant. Thanks.

Are the mixer’s and Play window’s mute and solo buttons suppose to work independently? I can have different instruments muted/soloed between them. For example instrument 1 can be set to solo in the mixer while it is being set to mute in the Play window.
Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 14.13.34.png

Still, things aren’t working as they should when using Play (VST3). When playing a solo instrument, there are notes played that aren’t even in the score. For example, my bass part has only 8th notes with an 8th rest in between them, but I hear a rhythm in which every 8th is being played, the non-score notes are all the same pitch. I have no idea where that info comes from.

Any chance these might be note-off samples?
What happens when you play the same patch with a midi keyboard?

They sound normal, no strange side effects of other notes.