"Playback Processing" affects Meter Section?

I just discovered today that the meters in the Meter Section can be affected by Playback Processing plugins - giving wrong readings. I was under the impression that Playback Processing plugins only affected what we HEAR - but that is wrong!

I further found that changing “monitoring points” in the master section only affects the Master Section level meters. These points seem to have no effect on the Loudness meter, etc., in the Meter Section which always seems to read at the end of the Master Section regardless of these selections.

So, is there a setting somewhere that changes this? I don’t want the Loudness meter to be affected by room correction EQ, etc., that I am using in Playback Processing. Yes, I can turn this section on and off manually but it adds to confusion.

This has been brought up many times AKAIK there is currently no good solution/workaround or setting you can change, though it’s on PG’s radar for future improvement.

Unfortunately, not only the meters, but also Master Section Bypass include the Playback Processing section. Like Justin says, should be on PG’s radar, but no reason for any new user to not bring it up again. :wink:

One solution is to put a third party metering plugin before the playback processing section in one of the dithering slots. That’s currently my workaround though I heartily agree this needs to be fixed rather soon.