Playback recording in new track while recording audio

Hello, I can’t record a track without recording the playback in the same time
Not sure if it’s hard- of software or a configuration problem (new user) I’ve been trough forums without any success… Hope someone will be able to help with this new device.

I’m using a recent Windows 8.1 64bits DELL laptop
Cubase Element 8 64bits, latest update today (I thought it could be an early issue)
Steinberg UR22 mk2, first with driver from the CD then with the latest update today (same, I thought it could be an early bug)

My inputs and output setup should be ok: IN=2xmono (using only input 1 with a condenser mic+48v on); OUT=Stereo (no monitors plugged in, only headphones in front)


  1. I start a project, add a new track and record a voice (so far so good)
  2. I add a 2nd track (the only one armed) and record a second voice (playback on,ok in my headphones,so nice…)
  3. I listen to the 2nd track only (Solo switch on) and the first voice is in it aswell

I’ve tried with headphones volume at zero or unplugged while recording.
By the way, same problem with the metronom on: it’s recording on the track.

So it’s seems that for a unknown reason the playback is recorded

Thank you so much for your future answer, i’m getting really frustrated that I’m not able to use these new products.
It could be a stupid error from me as new as I am with this, but I’ve checked all I could by myself…