Playback score while viewing part?

Hi all - is it possible to have the full score play while viewing a part? For example, I have some Barry Harris materials with a guitar part and a drum part. I’d like to have the drums play while I view the guitar part with auto-scroll. Possible?

Thanks - Chester

IIRC The playback (regardless of the layout open for viewing) uses whatever layout is at the top of the layout list.

That’s not correct… that’s audio export, which will export the topmost score layout in the list. Playback will play whatever the current layout is.

But, depending on your use case, you may take advantage of 2 other features: pressing ‘w’ to switch between full score layout and a part layout (when 1 note of the part in question is selected), and the fact that playback goes on when switching layouts. With that, you can at least switch during playback between part and score if you need some reference of where you are in the piece.

(I really like both features btw!)