Playback Setting Follow Cursor

Switching to Cubase from ableton or Pro tools is really difficult because there is no one setting to make playback follow cursor selection on the grid.

The locator functions are useful once you get the hang of the key commands, but for new users or people that simply want to click and play from that point on the grid it would be awesome to have a setting for that.

You should be able to click on an audio segment or midi clip on the grid and hit spacebar to play from that location.

Indeed - basically, it would be great to have two toggles at the top of the project window:

One toggle is the ALT/Option+SHIFT function, basically. Like you, I want to click in the project anywhere and have the playhead move to that location by default without having to press key combinations in addition to the mouse.
The second toggle is the ALT/OPTION+SPACE function, where it will play the selection range and then stop playing, exactly as ALT/OPTION+SPACE currently works.
So highlight and press space bar, instead of highlight and ALT+SPACE. The ALT/OPTION key is basically being eliminated. Then for the first one, click+spacebar instead of click+alt/option+shift+spacebar. This should be a very easy feature to implement.