Playback "Soundstage" Settings?

Hi, all!

I’ve done an extensive search (here and on other sites) on how to improve the soundstage during playback for making a good mock-up. I’ve got horizontal position (pan) all figured out but I can’t find a way to play with “vertical” position, or “depth” (to replicate a huge concert hall, for instance).

I am using the built-in Halion sounds (mainly because I couldn’t get Aria/Garritan keyswitches and expressions to work).


It’s hard, since we can’t set the mixer to do pre-fader sends (yet?). You might try to set a gain in the reverb send that’s inversely proportional to that strip’s output gain, with touches of EQing (as in, say, a high shelf filter) to try and simulate distance.

Well, I knew we’d eventually reach the limits of my DAW knowledge, but I didn’t think it’d be that quick.

Thanks for your input, but unfortunately I’m going to have to go do some reading, as I don’t know what any of the pre-fader, output gain, EQ, or filter stuff means, lol.