Playback Speed Control of Audio Files

What I want to do using CUBASE8 Pro is simple this time but have difficulty to do so.
Would anyone please help me to?

What I want to do is:

  1. Import the music tune from original CD.
  2. The tempo of the original tune is 135 bpm.
    So, I would like to set the imported tracks as 135bpm tempo tune.
  3. Play back this tune at the tempo down to 120 bpm
  4. Overdub the bass track what I play with my bass guitar
  5. Again change the over-dubbed tune from 120bpm to 135bpm

I cannot find out how to do the procedure 2) and 3) and 5).
(I understand how to do 1) and 4)

Would anyone please help me?


This is not something I do very often, so I may have the detail wrong, but what you need to do is go to the Audio Pool, set the tempo of the pre-recorded track to 135 and the check the Musical Mode box, then when you set the tempo to 120, the pre-recorded rack should slow to that tempo ( it will probably sound horribleā€¦)
Record your bass track, then in the Audio pool set the bass file to Musical mode (it should show a tempo of 120 already) then put the tempo back to 135 - the bass track should warp up to 135.

You may need to look at the time stretch algorithms to get the best sound for the warp.

Good luck