Playback speed faster after change of Samplerate of some Audiofiles

I also have problom with playback speed. I wanted to export my project. That’s when I noticed that some audio materials ,which I imported from Soundly have different sample rates than my project ( my project 48). After that I converted these audio files to 48. Since then, my project has run faster(whole project, Both vocal and midi Although tempo is the same(120). Amazingly, when I set my audio interface to sample rate 44.1, the project runs normally again. (project sample rate : 48 Audio interface 44.1). My Audiointerface is Steinberg UR22 MKii, Daw: Neuendo pro 12, pc: surface pro with windows 10
I’m asking for your help, I have to change sample rate of audio interface every time and I know this is not normal and good two different samplerates.


To me it sounds the Project Sample Rate doesn’t match the Audio Device Sample Rate.

When I set Audio interface 48, my projekt plays faster. Project:48, Audio device 48) in Audio pool all vocal Audios are 48)


Then the settings was probably wrong before.

The only one that was wrong before that was the sample rate of the audios imported from Soundly( some 44.1, some 96 ) I have currected these files ( all to 48) and since then it works faster. I have not changed my vocal . I have not changed project sample rate. I think whole project plays back faster. Do you know how kann I see if only vocal faster is or alls. Info: my project ist only midi tracks only vocal is audio