Playback Speed lag on 10.0.30

Hello, reporting in to say 10.0.30 working overall well.

Something I’ve noticed in this update that I’m not a fan off is when playback speed is enabled there is a delay lag when starting and stopping playback on the wav editor.

There seems to be a small lag delay, similar to what you get with using izotope rx plugins enabled on the global master section when pressing play. It seems to buffer it before playing? and when stopping

there is also a small delay from when the audio is stopped to when i can select a piece of audio I’m trying to edit.

Im not a fan of this because im using the playback speed increase to my workflow speed and this slows it down a bit. Note, It has been ok in previous versions up to this point.

With OSX 10.13.6
and setting Timestretching 150% there is a very short delay
when pressing stop but not much at the very start of audio file!
Can this be audio device related ?

regards S-EH