Playback speed Wavelab Pro 11

Hi forum,

I just upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11 and i’m encountering a strange issue.
When I change the playback speed to, for example, 120%, it’s impossible to listen to the audio - wavelab skips through the recording. I have unchecked the option ‘skip low level regions’, but that’s a bit what it sounds like. I never had this issue in all the previous wavelabs.

edit: using a mac, os 12.01

Hope someone can me help me out

Have you tried with the latest version WL 11.0.20 Pro ?

regards S-EH

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I assumed I was using the latest build when I installed it 2 days ago.
It’s working now like it’s supposed to do.
Thank you so much!

11.0.20 came out one day ago.

… with Zynaptic’s time stretching! :sunglasses:

what plugins are you using at the same time? memory intensive plugins do cause the skipping

Hi Alex,

Strangely enough it only works correctly when the master section is turned on (i only use some basic steinberg stock plugins). When I bypass the the master section, the skipping returns.

(What you are suggesting is my experience with the previous versions as well, plugins activated cause the problems, now it’s the other way around)

The speed function is in fact a hidden Master Section plugin.