Playback stops when clicking outside of Cubase

I’m using 2 DAW’s in the same Mac Pro bucket, MTC-time-linked via the IAC bus.

Cubase (9.5) is the most often the master but when I click outside of Cubase, its playback stops. Never used to in 8.

Probably a setting somewhere but I can’t find it.

Any clues?


While we’re here, may I ask another simple question

  1. as above - why does playback stop when clicking outside of Cubase?

  2. When I punch in midi whilst in the midi edit window, it creates a new region.(In Cubase 8, you could easily punch midi, without having to use glue tool to)

“Release Driver When application is in Background”

How thick can I be?

(That’s the trouble when you’re busy)

This still leaves one issue unresolved. I found the midi recording modes (in transport bar) and set to Merge. This cures the problem of it creating new parts in the Key Editor in record.

BUT - I would still like to create new parts when recording in the Project window. In Cubase 8, I had this set to New Parts and Merge - enabling merging in Key Editor and New Parts in Project window.

Cubase 9.5 seemingly will not allow this. Am I correct?.. shall I go f*** myself now?

BTW pilot errors aside, Cubase 9.5 is probably the best release to date.

Go to Studio, Studio Setup, uncheck Release Driver when application is in Background