playback stutter while saving file

Maybe i have to make some more settings besides ‘save in the background’ but when i save a wav file in WL7 while it’s playing back audio it’s stuttering.
In WL6 this wasn’t the case and i also have the feeling that saving in WL6 was faster or maybe that is my imagination.
Is it also possible to have the progress bar back as in WL6? i alway thought it was nice to see how far along the saving was, now i can’t and i have no idea what is going on.

What machine do you have? Dual core?

Progress bar:

  1. For background saving, it appears in the Background Task tool window.
  2. For non-background saving, it appears in the middle of the screen but only after about 800 milliseconds (to prevent a short message flashing).

I also miss a bit some behaviour of WL6 in terms of “progress bar”.
It would be nice if WL7 could (even if “background saving” is enabled) to somehow indicate that file is saving (without a need to go to Background Task window) - obvious option would be to add “saving” at the end on WAV name in its window tab.
Also lower left part of WL window is unused (in general) - there the whole saving progress bar (and whatever else for other tasks) could be simply shown as in WL6.

I agree, some hint should be added.