Playback Template Issue

I had an interesting situation yesterday. Dorico 4.3 would not play any sounds regardless of the playback template chosen- even Halion. Notes would not input either. However, if i opened a previous project, even one of my Synchron Prime ones, playback was fine.
I reinstalled Dorico and all is well now. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue.

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If you find that you get no sound in Dorico, reinstalling is unlikely to help. I would advise following through the steps in the troubleshooting video, which you can find in this thread along with a hastily made transcription:

Thanks. I’ll do that. It was just odd that previous files played back fine; I just couldn’t get any sound or note input in a new project- regardless of the template chosen. I don’t know if it was the reinstall or re-starting my computer, but everything is fine now. I did have Dorico crash a couple times when attempting to use IK Multimedia’s CSR Hall reverb; don’t know if that would affect Dorico playback sound. Thans so much for the quick reply. You and the support team amaze me.