Playback Template without effects

Is there any way the Dorico team could add a Halion Sonic SE playback template which does not have the syrupy delay and reverb effects applied to all instruments by default?

Or, maybe someone has a guide as to how to remove those effects efficiently without having to go through every channel on the instrument plugin and dial back the effects.


Dave Prentice

Perhaps you could simply bypass the REVerence effect in the effects channel instead?

You can also open the REVerence UI (open mixer, scroll to the Reverb channel, click ‘Inserts’ to show the inserts section and then pres the ‘e’ to open REVerence. Then you can choose an alternative preset with a more subtle effect, or reduce the overall level. Then in the REVerence toolbar press the diamond button and select ‘Save as Default Preset’. This setting will now be used for any new projects, or if you do Apply Playback Template on other projects.