Playback templates not opening

I’ve been stuck trying to figure this out for 4 days now with no luck. I can’t get any of my playback templates in Dorico 5 elements to open. I click apply and close and nothing happens. I’ve followed ever tutorial I can find and followed them exactly. I have saved my end point configurations, added them manually in the playback template window, and then added noteperformer as auto. I’ve tried making templates with noteperfomer, HSO, and others. If I look at the end point configurations, all of the info I saved are in them. After looking up where folder the templates are kept in, the templates I saved are there, but no Dorico. pt files are in the folders, just XML with the template name on them. I downloaded the template for BBCSO discover, but it won’t open that either after importing that into the playback template window. Please help!

Welcome to the forum, @ryschneider. If you want to export a .dorico_pt file for sharing with another user, use the Export button in Play > Playback Template, which will zip everything required up into a single file and put it where you choose. When a playback template is actually used by Dorico, it’s not used in its .dorico_pt form: that’s only used for export and import.

I’m actually not trying to share my templates. The problem is Dorico isn’t opening the ones I’ve made after saving them or the one I’ve downloaded from a Steinberg website. I tried exporting them and then importing them to see if that would work, it didn’t. I can see that my end point configurations have saved, and the template XML files are a little over 1.05 KB in size. So, they’re not empty.

What do you mean by opening them? Do they appear in Play > Playback Template?

Yes, they appear in the playback template window as a saved template. When click apply and close, nothing happens. The template does not load. The green play button with darken for a few seconds and then come back, but no template has loaded.

Could you zip up the Playback Templates folder in your user application data folder and attach it here so I can take a look at what’s actually contained within them?

Symphony Orchestra (554 Bytes)
Is this what you requested? Thanks for helping me out with this by the way!

If you’ve only created one playback template, then yes, that’s sufficient. If you look inside the Endpoint Configurations folder in the user-level application data folder, do you see the three endpoint configurations referenced by this playback template?

Yup, they’re all there.

Could you zip up both the complete Playback Templates and Endpoint Configurations folders from your user app data folder, and attach them here?

template and end (1.9 MB)
Here they are. Also, I just thought of this, when I open a template will all of the instrument staves show up right away like in my daw or do I still need to add them one by one and the ones that I’ve added are from the template that I just opened? There was one time that after opening a template, the staves were empty, but Halion and Noteperformer were in the play page.

Everything looks good with your playback templates. I think the issue could be your expectation of what a playback template will do for you: when you apply a playback template to a project, Dorico will go over the endpoints in your endpoint configuration can be used for the instruments already in the project. But you have to create those players and instruments yourself.

Yup, I think that’s it. I’m expecting all of the instruments from my template to show up when I apply the template. Wow, this whole time I was trying to do something that can’t be done. Thanks for the help