Playback tempo

Is there any way to change the tempo in playback (like in Sibelius)?

There is no tempo slider, if that’s what you’re looking for, but you can change the playback tempo by adding a tempo mark in your music, and indicating the precise metronome mark you want, e.g. by typing Shift+T and then entering something like “Allegro q=132”. Dorico will show the quarter = 132 metronome mark by default, but if you don’t want to see it, you can switch off the metronome mark’s display via the Properties panel.

Thanks Daniel. A tempo slider would be great though.

I would highly appreciate a tempo slider as well.

me too

IMHO - Since Dorice (which its unique value upon competitors) having a sequencer and ability to change play duration separately from the printed notes, and having ability to support VST3/2 of my own plugins, it means that Dorico is aiming to provide a useful playable composition.
However a live and breathing composition in order to sound realistic (as opposed to robotic) should be able to support live tempo with editable Tempo graph (like in Cubase). Otherwise all of its smart support of VST,sequencer etc. is meaningless if I have to use Cubase anyway in order to play the composition fairly.

We do hope to add tempo profile editing in a future version, along with support for automation.

That’s great. Thanks for your reply. I’ll wait for that

One more vote for tempo slider

And one more vote for a slider here. While checking for mistakes or thinking how to arrange, usually I was using such slider on Sibelius to change tempo just temporary. Writing each time metronome marks which you do not need in a final version, hiding them ant etc. is a quite inconvenient and time consuming way to work. Hope so much somebody from Dorico team will confirm this will be added in some future updates.


Bobk, are you aware of the new tempo feature for playback? It seems to do exactly what you desire. You can set it to follow the tempo notated in the score, or any other tempo you desire by clicking and dragging to change it.

6:05 here:

Edit: corrected the time stamp.

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Thanks, Dan! I saw that when 2.2 was released, and forgot how it works. I’d been clicking on the tempo instead of dragging the cursor, and then gave up.

Feature request: In Fixed Tempo mode, please make it possible to type a number in the tempo readout adjacent to the transport controls, like in DAWs.

Yes, I agree that this would be nice, and we hope to implement it in future.


When you write a tempo curve in playback mode WITHOUT setting a tempo marker in the score, you always get 1 BPM more in the transporter window than you wrote in the automation.
If you write 125, the playback tempo is 126, if you write 126, it is 127 and so on and so on. See screenshot.

Still love to see a tempo slider - real-time tempo adjustment with midi controller capability. Like in Ableton Live, the slider is a method to change the tempo curve, but wouldn’t it be great if it would also create tempo markers? Thanks!