Playback through laptop speakers? (Cubase LE)

Just wondering what I need to do to route audio output from Cubase LE out of my laptop rather than my interface? I’ve had a look online but can’t find a quintessential solution…

The scenario I would need it for is for casual mixing when I have just my laptop and no access to the interface. The laptop is a Dell Latitude D620. I’m running Cubase LE6


Switch ASIO drivers in Device Setup.

christ that was embarrassingly easy… i knew i had to change drivers but kept going to the wrong place to do it.


Can I have more than on audio device (and more than one ASIO driver)? I’d love to have a different output device than input device. (The TASCAM I use for my input device has a very low level of output in the headphones.)


ASIO4ALL kind of works. I would rather have Cubase talk directly to the Tascam for input. (I can’t quite get all the crackles and delays out of ASIO4ALL - but I’ll play with buffer sizes and other settings a bit more.)

Should I be able to do what I want with the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver? It seems to let me select the Tascam for input and the Realtek for output. (But so far the input side isn’t working.)

Thought you didn’t need the inputs? what about the generic low latency ASIO driver?