playback time display

(In my brand new Dorico 3) the playback time display at the top of the window (to the left of the Fixed Tempo Mode icon) defaults to showing the number of the (fractional) measure being played (also true in Dorico 2, as I recall). I accidentally just discovered that right-clicking that display shows the actual playback time, which is the info I want; but I don’t see a way of making it the default, and I can’t find mention of it in the help file. No big deal…once the right-click is discovered; but shouldn’t this be mentioned somewhere where a user is likely to look?


See if this in Preferences will do what you want. It will not change the project you are working on but will change newly opened projects.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to find this when you were looking. The area where this is located is called the “toolbar” and playback-related options in the top right are known as the “mini transport” (the Transport window contains these and additional options, so the options in the toolbar are the mini transport).

As you discovered, you can change what’s shown at any time in the transport display.

I’ll look to add some additional keywords to these topics based on what it sounds like you searched for, which should make them easier to find in future (am I right in thinking “playback time”? were there any other terms you searched for that didn’t bring up relevant results?)

Thanks, Derrek and Lillie. I didn’t know where to look in Help because I didn’t know some of the jargon.

“…I’ll look to add some additional keywords to these topics…” I think that would be a big help to many of us, Lillie. (Yes, “playback time” was what I was looking for. I’ll make a list of some other keywords as they occur. Thanks, again.)