Playback to Bluetooth headphones not working on macOS

All other audio plays back on my wireless headphones when they are connected, but Dorico still keeps playing thru the Mac Book Pro speakers. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Melodius. There are lots of threads about this in the forum, and since the first cycle of Dorico (late 2016…)
I don’t use any wireless headphone but I can tell you that you need to create an aggregate device. So use the search engine of the forum or Google, you should easily find the answer :wink:

Or have a look at here

I did search the problem on Google, but found solutions to be hacky. I couldn’t believe that a professional software would require hacking to get such a simple thing working. All other applications do this without a fuss.

Professionals don’t use BlueTooth headphones :wink:


…so getting rid of my wireless headphones will make me a pro :smile:

I might be wrong on this subject — I haven’t done any research about headphones for over a decade – but until then, wireless and professional were words not used together when talking about headphones… That could explain why pro-audio software do not take too much resources on that subject. Nevertheless, I hope your specific problem will be solved and that you can enjoy working with this great software!
[Edit] I see Ulf has already raised that topic, sorry to repeat the idea…

That is correct, true professionals will use laptop speakers!


What about a Sennheiser HD600/850? Or a Beyer DT 990? Or any of this kind of headphones plugged into your laptop? :wink:

And btw, also in Dorico it works straight away, if you always just use the second entry for the air pods. The aggregate device is just a workaround for not getting tempted to choose the wrong one.

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