Playback transposition offset


Something I would find very useful is a pitch offset when playing a note.

There are some libraries where pitches are note laid as in a piano keyboard, but as sort of a percussion kit, or a kit of special zones.

Take Xsample’s libraries. Some of the presets have an ordinary layout, with a sustain patch playing normally.

Another patch may be a collection of special effects or extended techniques. So, one octave may contain a scale of growling sounds, placed at the correct pitch class (but in a different range than normal). Another octave may contain assorted multiphonics, and another one body strokes, or pizzicato on the bridge, and so on.

These special sounds should play at the pitch where they are in the preset. But they are probably to be notate elsewhere. For example, a special effect placed in the middle of the scale in the preset might be notated as a note over the staff, and a special head.

A pitch playback offset would make this immediate. I bet it would also be a time-saver in case of difficult situations, like harmonics not playing at the desired pitch.


You can do this already using the Transpose option in the expression map, no?

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On a second thought – yes! What I lazily called “undefined tones” (echoing the original maps) should be splitted into the actual separate techniques.

So, if I have four multiphonics, I will make them four entries in the expression map. Each of them will be transposed according to the root note on which they should be notated.

The same for any other technique, even if it may consist of a single note in a preset.

Thank you for your hint!