Playback velocity changes when I switch audio card.

Hello everybody, :ugeek:

I use an RME usb audio card when I mix, occasionally I switch from it to another one (usb creative) to check the mix on PC speakers. I go devices -> devisces setup -> vst audio system and I slect Creative asio for the card. I don’t reboot.
Finally I set up my routing in the control room if something changes.

The problem is that when I switch to that card the whole playback increase in velocity.
The whole playback plays way faster. Even the metronome play faster. When I come back to RME the velocity
returns normal.
What’s the issue here?

Thank you.

Sounds like a sample rate mix-match.

How to change my 2nd card sample rate?

looks like my card doesn’t have 24 bit 44.1 but 24 bit 48 only,
How is that possible?

Obviously Because someone built it that way. That´s the reason slmost no one uses these cards with Cubase anymore.

The point is that it has 24/48 which is higher than 24/44.1 So it’s odd that it has an higher performance and you can’t scale it back to a lower performance.

Another story would have been if – say – it got 16 48/44.1 only and not 24 stuff.

Soundblasters have always been 48k only. That’s just the way it is.

It’s not related to quality really…Video has generally used 48k while before higher sample rates became common 44.1k was audio standard. Creative unfortunately chose to go with 48k only.