Playback volume of the Play tool

when i use the Play or Scrub tool on an audio part the playback volume is extremely loud (even though the recording volume is around -18db VU)
as i understand the Play/Scrub tool should play the raw audio.

but where can i determine where that signal from the Play Tool is routed to and at which volume?

(strangely, the Preview Level in the Media Bay previously adjusted that volume. but in the latest C11 that does not work anymore. it was anyway a very awkward workaround…)


Isn’t this the “Preferences > Transport > Scrub > Scrub Tool Volume” settings?

there is that setting. but it only sets the volume for the scrub tool, NOT the Play tool!
very strange…
there is no reference in the manual about the Play tool volume.
the main volume control in the control room influences the vol, but it also lowers the volume of the whole output. the problem is the difference between when playing back the track in solo and when auditioning with the Play tool.(no vol changing Inserts or eq on the track) i checked the RMS level of the clip and it is -20db. when i play with the play tool i get full level and distortion clipping (shown on the meters of my RME audio interface. how and where is the level of that clip boosted to such volume? what is the exact path of that audio?

just did another experiment.
if i disable the Control Room and rout the main bus directly i get the same playback levels from soloing the track and listening with the Play tool.(which i consider the expected behavior)
so somehow when routing through the control room the signal is boosted.
any idea how that can be?


Now I remember… It’s affected by the Preview Level of the Audio Files in the Media Bay.

Open Media Bay, select any Audio File and adjust the volume in the Preview part.

that’s correct. however, it seems that although the vol setting in the Media Bay is a global setting it is not retained correctly. when i reboot the computer (Win10 64) the playback volume is up again to super loud. opening the media bay shows that the vol slider is in the previous set position. but i have to very slightly move the fader a notch up and down before it results in the playback volume to be correct.
this is very annoying behavior! and any way to have a scrub vol setting in preferences and having to open the mediabay to set the vol for the Play tool is total nonsense, logically, intuitively, and workflow wise.