Playback volume

I’ve imported a file from Sibelius via XML. It seems the volume was very irregular on one instrument. It doesn’t help to put mf expression in the Dorico score. How do I even out the volume?

Maybe the instrument was given a wrong Expression map (XM)…? dynamics for instruments like piano and harp are controlled by key velocity (XM “Default”), but sustaining instruments are controlled by a continous controller. (CC1 or 11 mostly). You could try to change the XM either to “Default” or “Modulation Wheel Dynamics” (depending on what D. has already chosen for you)

Edit: there are a few Halion instruments which, as far as I understand, don’t respond to either of those, but require Note Expression information, which isn’t yet available in D.

Which instrument exhibited the problem?

It is the regular Halion violin. I copied into a alto flute and there it sounds ok. I tried to copy it back, but that did not help.
Moreover I could not try the expression maps as I can’t find how to open the Halion window that had been closed earlier. I’ve done it before but can’t find how to. Probably not awake yet.

To open/close the VST interface click the e button (yellow in the attached), to open the Expression map overview click the cogwheel (red) :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I changed the solo violin to default and that took care of it.