Playback & VST Problem

I run Dorico 2.2 on my MacBook Pro and have just installed Mojave. I have the following problems which I can’t solve.

First Problem. When I open an existing project Dorico opens Vienna Ensemble even although I’m no longer using it in the project and have removed it from the vst list in playback so no channels are using it for playback. This is really annoying because VE takes a while to load an I can’t find a way of stopping this happening.

Second Problem. New and existing projects work fine with Padshop and Noteperformer 3 but they can’t both be used in the same project. If I start with padshop and then add noteperformer, padshop gets deleted as soon as I select noteperformer as the playback template. This behaviour only happens with padshop - all the other vst’s work fine alongside noteperformer. Is there any way to solve this issue.


For your first problem, you may need to reset the playback template – would that have bad effects and cause you to need to redo some work you’ve already done?

For your second problem, I would suggest you start by resetting to the NotePerformer playback template, then instantiate Padshop manually and assign whichever instrument(s) are intended to be played back via Padshop in Play mode.