playback window does not follow cursor

Not sure why, but during project playback the cursor moves off the screen and I have to drag the project window to follow along when I am zoomed in. I don’t know if I have pressed a function key that might have caused this. I reset all function keys back to default but no change. This is something new, Elements 8 has always performed flawlessly. Not sure what I might have done to cause this, any advice would be appreciated.


Aloha C,

Try turning on ‘Auto-Scroll’.

It is in the menu bar and it looks like (at least to me) a lil golf tee with an arrow thru it.

As a ‘Key Command’ use ‘F’ on the keyboard to turn it off/on.

Good Luck!

Thanks Curt, that was it. Knew I had pushed something and did not spend much time in the help manual to research my problem. Took the easy way out and posted. Thanks again for the heads up. I am wiser now.