Playback with choir and strings very out of tune


I just wondered if anyone knew if I could do anything about this…

The playback on the piece I’m working on, for choir and strings, seems very out of tune - the strings seem much sharper than the choir! All a bit disconcerting…

Also there’s something weird happening with the strings and choir in terms of rhythm - the two groups seem very un-together a lot of the time…

Thank you! Loving using Dorico otherwise!


This is, unfortunately a fact you will have to live with, even if you bypass the mediocre samples that come bundled with notation software and invest in dedicated expensive libraries. Until some billionare comes along and decides to sample the Berlin phil or some orchestra able to play in tune…

I have found the same problem with the Halion samples included with Dorico. I haven’t played very much because I invested in Olympus Elements and East West Symphonic Orchestra. The problem doesn’t seem to exist with this combination so it must be something to do with the Halion samples.

I’d be interested to know if there was a solution.

The choirs sounds are really unuseable, it has to be said… Arrive always late and flat. This kind of choir would get instantly fired :wink:

I’ve been using the Garritan libraries from Finale with Dorico, which work very well and sound very good.

The Dorico vocal samples have too much attack and cut every note short.

I certainly agree that the vocal sounds in HALion Sonic SE are not up to much. What I tend to do is manually replace the four vocal lines with a wind quintet in HALion Sonic SE itself, flute for sopranos, clarinet for altos, oboe for tenors, and bassoon for basses. But for me playback is mostly about spotting any wrong notes (of which, unfortunately, there are always a few…), so this might not be an appropriate solution for everybody.

I take it you assign the Players as singers and then replace the sounds in the HALion player itself. Otherwise the positioning of dynamics would be wrong.

This is what I do :wink:

Yup. And if you need this a lot, start a project with the singers you need, change their sounds in HALion and then save the project to use as a template next time.