Playback with Cubase LE 5 and Tascam US-144MKii

Hi there,

I’ve set up my Tascam US-144MKii with Cubase LE 5 according to the instruction manual. It is set up as the ASIO driver in Devices, and in VST Connections there are 4 mono input and 4 mono output buses (2 digital in L and R, 2 analog in L and R).

I have a Shure SM57 plugged in to the Mic L input on the device, and can see the waveform when I record a track on Cubase, however I can’t hear it through my laptop’s speakers. I exported it as a Wave file and could hear it through VLC, but how would I go about getting playback through my speakers on Cubase?

Many thanks

Switch ASIO drivers or ASIO4All.

To clarify, the ASIO driver is set up as “US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII”

Which has nothing to do with the laptop speakers. Connect speakers to the device, switch ASIO drivers between record and playback or try ASIO4All.

Ahhh got it! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: